Dulantzi Metals, S.A., a leader in the manufacture of capital equipment undertakes to obtain products that meet the needs and expectations of customers in quality, quantity and timeliness, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements by efficient, innovative and safe practices for workers and environmentally friendly.

The management of Dulantzi Metals, S.A. leads the deployment of this policy at all levels of the organisation and assume the following basic principles to ensure consistency with the strategy and business development

  • The viability of the company requires the continued search for efficiency and improving productivity in order to achieve competitive presence in the market.
  • Training, communication and recognition for a job well done, as well as the participation of the people in the organisation in all relevant aspects of its activities and processes are the cornerstones to motivate the staff towards continuous improvement.
  • Respect for natural resources through effective environmental management is part of our commitment, based on the minimization of environmental impacts and optimize resources and act proactively to prevent contamination.
  • Safety is the first sign of respect for the staff and the workplace, preventing any potential hazard that could affect people, equipment, materials and facilities, prioritizing:

Management has a strong commitment to continuous improvement in the performance of the Health and Safety at Work, being proactive in preventing hazards and deterioration of health of people, and allocating sufficient resources to the development of preventive activities

Management recognizes human talent as its most valuable resource and understands that occupational health is a necessary condition for the welfare of its workers, impacting positively on the overall development and productivity. Therefore, actions to promote, preserve and restore health will be performed. Additionally, it will generate conditions in order to help to improve the health conditions of people and strengthen safe working styles and healthy lifestyle habits permanently.

All employees have the responsibility and authority to stop work if it becomes apparent that harm could occur to themselves or to environment in which they are working.  Work that ceased due to a Stop Work order must not be resumed until the task is re-evaluated for a safer and harmless approach. If any reasonable doubt appeared; the worker shall immediately consult with his supervisor to seek the best way to continue the work safely.

  • Quality, Environmental Health and Safety is responsibility of everyone and the leadership of this start from Management, assuming commitments with the applicable law or others that the company subscribe.

For it, the Management is committed to:

  • Disseminate this policy to all staff
  • Ensure the protection of the environment, working respectfully, preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental effects produced as a result of our activity
  • Provide the necessary resources
  • Conduct regular monitoring of the effectiveness of its Management System
  • Check annually the validity of this policy.