Onshore sections. Since 2001 we have manufactured over 8000 foundations and 2000 wind tower. We perform the complete manufacture of these structures, and/or the painting and assembly of internal elements, and also repair and recovery of damaged sections to wind farms.

eolicos elguea

Elguea-Urkila Wind Farm

Offshore projects

We participate together with Navacel Process Industries in Offshore Wind projects, manufacturing secondary steel structures such as boatlandings and internal and external platforms.

We also manufacture other internal elements and ferrules, as well as large frames for the transport of floating wind turbine sections.


Hywind Scotland Pilot Park

Capital equipment

For the fabrication of capital equipment we handle different processes according to the needs of our customers. We manufacture tubes for Portainer cranes. The photo shows a rear tube 42.5m long. Date of manufacture 2017.


We also manufacture bridges structures.


Trapagarán Viaduct


Ballonti Bridge over Galindo River

We work with

We manufacture wind towers, portainer crane, onshore and offshore equipment, carry out oxy-cutting, edging and rolling for the following companies.